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Welcome Back Curlers!

Welcome Back Curlers!

Good Morning YCC members Please see below some information on the start of our curling season.  There is a lot of information so please read carefully.  We want to have a safe and successful year so we are depending on each and everyone of you do your part.  There are going to be ongoing changes throughout the year but I will do my utmost to keep you informed.

Opening Date: October 26, 2020 Covid Preparations One way traffic flow is recommended so the south entrance is enter only  and the north door is exit come with curling clothes on. The  locker rooms have limited capacity in order to maintain social distancing so minimize your time in there.  Grab your shoes and broom, shove your jacket in the locker (if there is room) and let the next person in Capacity in the locker rooms are 8 people in mens at one time and  4 in ladies. If there is no room in your locker for your winter jacket we suggest you have a gym bag to put your jacket etc. in while you are on the ice.  It can stay in the lobby area or you can take it out on the ice with you.  The coat hangers will not be available. All the leagues will have staggered start times.  Evening leagues will be 7:00 and 7:30 and afternoon will be 12:45 and 1:15.  Refer to the schedule to see when your team takes to the ice. (more information on the schedule follows).  If you are on the later draw please don't come to the rink early.  Let the first bunch get on the ice.   This will lessen the congestion in the lobby and locker rooms. YCC is recommending that one sweeper rule be used during play.  It is a guideline from both Curl Canada and  Curl Sask .  There are new ice markings mid sheet to indicate where to stand when your team  is not in control of house.  This is also the side of the ice that all traffic is to occur.  You will always travel down the side of the sheet with the markings when your team in not in control of the house.  We have included the diagrams from Curl Sask to help you. The new rules also state that no one is allowed to sweep past the T-line in the house except the sweeper that followed the rock for the entire sheet and they can only sweep their own rock -not the oppositions. I encourage you to look over the rules on the Curl Sask website prior to your first game. The rocks for both teams are to be lined up on the same side of the sheet as the new markings.  This keeps curlers apart when getting their rocks.  Please don't touch anyone else's rocks- just your own.  There will be wipes out on the ice for you to clean your handles if you need to. The scoreboard will be disinfected after every game. Please designate one person to keep score for BOTH teams. TeamLinkt  App   Please download this app to your device.  The link is available on the YCC website and the FB page.  From this app you will be able to register yourself, your team, view schedules(including draw times), enter  your scores and it has many other features. This will be our method of CONTACT TRACING  WHICH IS REQUIRED BY SASK HEALTH AUTHORITY.   It will be required before you go on the ice.   You will receive an notification  before your draw starts.  You will open the app and complete the questions. It takes less than a minute to finish.    It will be a reminder that you have to  curl and for you to check what time your game is scheduled for (early or late draw).  YCC will get notification from the system if you haven't completed this process and we will ask you to do it before you are allowed on the ice.  You will receive this notification before every scheduled game.  ALL the league games and times will be established at the beginning of the year.  Neil will make up the draw and they will be posted in the rink, available in paper form and published on the TEAM LINK app, our FB page and on the website.  Neil will not be changing the schedule.  No changes will be entertained.   You will be responsible to reschedule the game with your opposition for  another time.   If it is not possible to play the game before the next regular scheduled draw for your league then you will forfeit the game. Too many man hours have been spent in the past trying to accommodate all the changes.  It is expected that all the teams will try as best they can to accommodate others  as you never know when your team might need to reschedule. Tables in the lobby and upper level will be designated to your game.  Early draw will have tables in the upper level and 2nd will be in the lobby.    We now have the use of the upper level and are able to take alcohol upstairs unless the bar is already open upstairs. Designate one person from your team to get your drinks from the bar.  Coffee pot will now be behind the counter and will be served YCC has purchased a portable disinfection machine.  We will be disinfecting the lobby, locker rooms and scoreboards with this device.  This will be in addition to the increased cleaning and disinfecting that the Gallagher Center will be doing.  Extra disinfecting wipes will be available on and off the ice should you require them. YCC has done its best to implement the recommended guidelines in an effort to keep you safe but it is ultimately up to you to do your part to keep yourself safe and those around you. If you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid illness please do not come to the rink.  We are all depending on you. League Changes The leagues now have liaison board members so that each league can have  representation on the board.  If you have concerns or would like to see changes in your league please contact your liaison.

  • Seniors - Grant Preston and Brent Dergousoff

  • Ladies- Bev Fuches

  • Open League- Trevor Mackan and Aaron Hershmiller

  • Juniors- Tessa Datema and Danielle Mils

  • Tuesday Night- Fred Phillips

  • Bonspiels- Cathy Inglis

Cash league All teams in this league will be take part in the cash.  Entry fees have been increased to reflect this change. Should we get more than 16 teams for the Cash we will be running this league on Wednesday nights as well as Thursday so it is imperative that you download the TEAM LINKT app to keep track of your draw night and times.  Seniors Same as above.  Should there be too many teams on Tuesday or Thursday ,  there will be games played on Wednesday afternoon. Juniors We are waiting to see how many registrations we get for the Sunday sessions.  If it is anything like last year we will need to run 2 or maybe 3 different time slots.  More information will follow once we get a little further along. There will be a few bumps at the beginning of the season.  We are all trying to make the best in this situation so I am asking for your patience as we figure things out. Thank you, Bev Fuches YCC President

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