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What you need to know this curling season!

Dear YCC members,

Following you will find information on:

Start Date



New League


Handle Sponsorship

Team Linkt App

Start Date:

Curling Season will be starting soon!! Sooner than you think actually. Oct 5 2021 will be our opening date ( a week earlier than usual) and Neil will start making ice on Sept 24. Our season will end on Friday March 25th as the Gallagher Center has events booked for the beginning of April.


Grand Slam events make it possible for our ice fees to stay so reasonable for a facility of our size. We are among the lowest in the province. If we were to survive on our fees they would have to be considerably higher. The fee structure will remain the same as last year with the knowledge that fees will most likely need to increase in the not too distant future.

We are looking at hosting another Grand Slam event in late 2022 or early 2023.


Monday- Knights of Columbus

This league is for members of the Knights and run separately from our other leagues

Tuesday and Thursday Seniors - Brent Dergosoff and Grant Preston -board liasons

The start times will not be staggered as they were last year. Members found this confusing and didn't really help with social distancing.

Tuesday Night League- Fred Phillips-board liason

This league is recreational and includes the high school and junior teams play here to get

Wednesday night Ladies League Bev Fuches- board liason

This league has struggled in the past couple of years. The board has decided that there needs to be at least 8 teams in order for this league to move forward. If we don't get 8, the teams will be integrated into the Tuesday nite open league as we did last year. The format of the ladies league is very social. The fact that a game is being played is merely a coincidence. LOL!!

So ladies if you know of anyone- regardless of skill level that wants to come out PLEASE invite them! We can figure out some help for those that haven't been on the ice before and find a team for them

NEW LEAGUE: Wednesday Nights Doubles-

Doubles play has become very popular in the last couple of years so a league has been proposed.

The fee for this will be $200 ( if this is the only league you are playing in- otherwise the regular fee structure will apply) There may be 2 draw times should there be enough teams. The league will run similarly to the Thursday Open - 2 blocks until Christmas break and then teams will be seated and playing for cash will be OPTIONAL for this format.

Thursday Evening Open League Trevor Mackan and Aron Hershmiller- board liason

Once again Bayer Science will be the league sponsor. There will be regular start times(7:00pm) but depending on how many teams are entered there may be 2 draws on Thurs night. ( 6:45 and 9:00pm) Should there be enough teams for 2 draws we may look at using the signal bell that was used years ago. It would be rung at 15 min to the end of draw time and teams would be allowed to finish the draw they are in and go one more regardless of how many ends have been completed. This way the later draw wouldn't get so far behind.

The board liasons for this league are responsible for the draw and payouts structure. The same format will be used this year - 2 blocks of teams will play until Christmas and scores will determine the new blocks after the break. All teams will play for the cash.

Sunday Junior League Tessa Datema and Danielle Mills- board Liasons

This program is in dire need of instructors/helpers If you can spare even one Sunday afternoon from 1-3pm please let Neil know. In the past we have had great attendance and the Junior club has been very successful due to the hard work of Tessa Datema, Danielle Mills and Neil. With Covid and safety concerns we may need to limit the number of juniors we can accept. Ideally one instructor for every 8 students would be best.

The age minimum will be enforced this year at 9. We understand that younger siblings want to get out on the ice but for safety reasons we are having to put this into place.

The board is investigating to see if the high school volunteer hours programs could supply us with this the much needed assistance.

There have been some concerns raised regarding slips and falls. Concussion head gear in the form of toques and caps are available at curling equipment retailers. Hockey helmets could also be used for the younger children( 9-12 yr olds)

Covid preparations

The facility staff as well as our rink staff will continue to do extra cleaning and sanitizing. Hand sanitizing stations will be available, the tables will remain as far apart as possible and we will maintain the use of the upper level for socializing and social distancing. While we will do all we can to keep the rink environment safe, it will of course be up to each of you to do what you feel is necessary. We will follow the lead of Curl Sask and Curl Canada

Rock Handle Sponsorship

The board and staff of YCC would like to thank the sponsors that are currently being displayed on our rock handles but unfortunately many of business names we display have ceased operations. The club sees this as a opportunity to upgrade our handles and get some new names/business sponsorship into the mix. More details to follow in the coming months.

Team Linkt-

Once again we will be using the Team Linkt App to keep up to date on your games and standings. We don't anticipate having to coordinate draw start times on the app but it was useful for keeping track of scores etc. Please go onto the app and make sure that it is working for you.

That's all I know for now. Please let us know if you are able to help with the junior program or you have any suggestions to make our season more successful

Yours truly,

Bev Fuches

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