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Hello YCC members,

The SHA has mandated some new covid measures and we will need to tighten up our guidelines as well.

             1. Masks will be mandatory in the lobby area unless you are seated at your table with your team.  Anytime you are moving about the lobby or in the upper level we would ask that you wear your mask.  On ice will still be your choice.   It is easy to distance on the ice.

             2.  One sweeper will have to be standard play until the new restrictions are lifted.   This will be for all leagues.

 We want to have the rink open for the entire season so that you are able to enjoy some semblance for normal life this winter but in order to do that we have to follow the guidelines. 

It is our hope to have all the leagues on TEAMLINKT by the end of the month. 

There may be more changes that we need to make but we will do our utmost to keep you informed.

Bev Fuches

YCC Pres

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