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YCC Update

Good Afternoon YCC curlers,

I wanted to let you know what is happening at YCC.


There are some major repairs that are being done at the moment. The main coolant line to the ice surface is being replaced. (Not a small job ) Also one of the new furnaces that needed a new heat exchanger and one of the older ones is being replaced. Gallagher Center has already installed the new lights so there will be no excuse about not seeing the broom LOL!!


Due to the recent outbreak in our area, we thought it prudent to wait until after Thanksgiving to determine when we would set a timeline for opening. If our area can maintain the levels and there is no severe spike in cases, I anticipate that there will be no forced closures and we can proceed as normal. If not we will have to follow the requirements and set a later date.

That's all I know at the moment but I will try to keep you informed.

Bev Fuches

YCC President

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